Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Atul Yadav of TCR Engineering completed the Parinee Juhu Run

Embarking on the fitness mantra, Mr. Atul Yadav of TCR Engineering Services completed the Parinee Juhu Run - http://fw.to/kyIlXIQ

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti makes a persentation at the 9th National Conference on “Boiler and Steam Systems” - STEAMTECH

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced Engineering, made a persentation at the 9th National Conference on “Boiler and Steam Systems” - STEAMTECH, which was held at the at J B Auditorium, Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad on February 19-20 2016. The National Conference on Boiler and Steam Systems - STEAMTECH being held annually since 2007 has already become a brand equity event and is now recognized as one of the major platforms offering a national debate on the subjects of contemporary interest concerning steam & boiler management. The annual conference has proved to be an effective platform for close interactions between technology providers, equipment manufacturers, service providers and the users of steam and boiler systems. More than 30 experts from India and abroad shared their rich experience and knowledge covering technology and market trends, innovations, regulatory issues, environmental issues as well as industry experiences through case studies with more than 400 delegates from the industry.

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti's presentation was titled, "Preventive approach for failure free boilers"

India is the only country that predicated 8% growth in the power sector in spite of the present economic scenario of the world.  Considering the development based growth model of India, power demand will increase many folds in coming days.  The need for power plant to operate between planned shutdowns would be most desirable for enchasing 3% of power loss occurring due to boiler tube failures and other breakdowns. The Indian power plants have been operated with a philosophy of accepting the tube failures as unavoidable. Many developed countries have achieved this feat “failure free boilers” with a very systematic preventive approach rather than reactive approach to  mitigate failures. 
The need for knowledge based inspection and operational philosophy is an answer to safety and reliability of power plants. The role of an experienced corrosion and metallurgical engineer is pivotal to achieve impossible looking task of failure free boilers. The boiler is made of metals and it is best understood by a metallurgist who can unfold use and abuses by carrying out metallography studies. With the advancement of knowledge and use of latest information technology it is possible to predict the failures in advance and can be correlated with operational and maintenance practices followed. A team study is necessary for such activities where all aspect of boiler needs to be recorded and evaluated by an expert team comprises of third-party and power plant engineer’s to identify active and future damage mechanism’s in each part.  Under every planned shutdown necessary and targeted inspection activities will be carried out rather then followed age old inspection philosophy that most of the time gives a false satisfaction.

The adopted philosophy over the time of 3-4 years, will produce the fruitful results as it is based on systematic studies of  operation, maintenance and materials by Indian brains having vast experience of power plants. 
The conference was supported by Indian Boilers Manufacturers’ Association (IBMA), Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers – A'bad Regional Chapter, The Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturers Association (GDMA), Indian Agro and Recycled Paper Mills Association (IARPMA), Indian Drug Manufacturers Association – Gujarat State Board (IDMA-GSB), Gujarat Paper Mills Association (GPMA).

TCR Engineering Services in Mumbai is selected as registered vendor to Naval Dockyard for NDT and Material Testing

Over the past 43 years (founded in 1973), TCR Engineering Services has provided quality assurance and fabrication inspection services to companies in the oil, petro-chemical and natural gas sectors.  Over 2000+ customers worldwide use TCR´s services to dramatically improve and certify their products, validate material quality, ensure innovation in the marketplace, and to achieve significant competitive advantages. As a result, these companies are bringing the right products to market, at the right time, at the right cost.TCR now is an approved and registered vendor to Naval Dockyard

TCR Engineering Services is a Bureau of Indian Standards and NABL accredited laboratory. NABL provides laboratory accreditation services to laboratories that are performing tests / calibrations in accordance with ISO 17025. As a result of NABL accreditation, TCR reports are accepted by A2LA labs in USA as well. TCR is also approved by international recognition bodies including American Bureau of Shipping (USA), Bureau Veritas (France), Lloyds Register of Shipping (UK), TuV, EiL, Det-Norske Veritas (Norway), SGS (India) Ltd. Indian Register of Shipping, Mercantile Marine Dept, Bureau of Indian Standards, and others. TCR also has a rigorous internal Quality Assurance Program for all its services. The Quality Assurance Department conducts frequent and vigorous internal audits to ensure the highest possible level of quality in support of the TCR service offering.

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced wins the the KK Award 2015

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti, MD of TCR Advanced Engineering has been selected as the receipent of the KK Award 2015 in the Category of Professional Field for the Year 2015 by Indian Institute of Metals Baroda Chapter.
KK Award 2015 for this year was presented during 16th KK Memorial Lecture &  KK Award  programme on 14th February 2016 at  Royal Orchid Central Hotel , Vadodara

Paresh Haribhakti is MD of TCR Advanced Engineering Services in Baroda, India (a TCR Engineering Services partner company), Director TCR Arabia, Dammam and Global Technical Consultant to TCR group of companies. With over two decade of experience in the field of metallography and microstructure examination Mr Haribhakti has solved more than 1500 industrial problems. He is pioneer in promoting in situ-metallography as an acceptable and reliable technique for process plant monitoring and components in the industries.

He has experience of failure investigation, reaming life assessment and FFS of power plants, fertilizers, chemicals and petrochemicals industries, Mr Haribhakti has intensive work experience to his credentials. He has solved materials engineering problems and performed failure analysis on components from petrochemical plants, oil and gas transmission pipelines, offshore structures, ships, pharmaceutical plants, food processing equipment, gas turbine engine components, and weldments. Mr Haribhakti investigates the available physical evidence, and performs the necessary tests to develop the most probable accident scenario. He simplifies complex engineering theory into easy to understand and useable concepts. He uses simple analogies, every day examples, and laymen terms to explain data and findings so clients, corporate executives, government officials, or attorneys may easily understand engineering concepts. Mr Haribhakti has specific experience in welding, heat treating and materials technology for oil & gas drilling and production applications, including production tubing, casing and down hole motor failures. Recently, Mr Haribhakti was lead member of the Failure Investigation team consulting to Asia’s largest refinery, RIL-Jamnagar, India for damage assessment work during a fire incident in their VGO-HT2 Plant. He has provided damage assessment of Hydrocracker reactors at Baiji refinery Iraq and also helped a customer procure second hand equipment from Taiwan by a Health assessment approach. He is skilled in the use and application of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in support of failure analysis and fracture identification. Mr. Haribhakti also undertakes Optical metallography and interpretation of microstructures, Remaining Life Assessment, provides Heat treatment solutions and studies the degradation of microstructure under high temperature high pressure conditions. He has done extensive research in study of hydrogen embrittlement of steels and stainless steels. Research oriented creativeness of Mr. Haribhakti spearheaded the development of a powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use - the Microstructure Characterizer Software (MiC). He has also developed a well-respected chemical composition mapping method for identification of dilution in weld zone. He performs colour metallography to increase the capabilities of interpretation of microstructure. He has also developed custom electrolytic polishing for carbon and alloy steel material. Mr. Haribhakti has extensive knowledge of failure investigations on metallic components related to chemical/refinery plants and to general engineering. Experience ranges from cast iron, engineering steels, aluminium, copper alloys, stainless steels, and nickel base alloys to titanium. This includes all aspects of metallurgical investigations of offshore, marine, refinery and automotive components such as; turbine blades, compressors, gearboxes, motors, pumps, rotors, shafts, valves, pipe work, fasteners, boilers, pressure vessels, plain bearings, rolling bearings, gears, pistons, spark plugs, crankshafts, camshafts, engine valves and associated valve components. Mr. Haribhakti is a Founder member of Metallography Society of India. He is an active member of the Institute of Engineers, Institute of Foundry Man, Indian Institute of Metals and Indian Institute of Welding. Mr. Haribhakti is a B.E. (Metallurgy) and M.E. (Materials Technology) from M.S. University, Vadodara.