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TCR Arabia undertakes High Temperature PAUT, ToFD and Corrosion Mapping Services in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia (, based out of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is the leading solution provider in high temperature weld inspection using Time of flight diffraction ultrasonic Inspection, phased array ultrasonic inspection and corrosion mapping up to 7000 F (350°C).High Temperature Phased Array UT (PAUT)

High Temperature ToFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)

High Temperature Corrosion Mapping
High Temperature ToFD and PAUT Ultrasonic inspection is a non-destructive testing method to inspect Plant Equipment/piping welds and parent metal while in-service for corrosion and In-service defects. The benefit of this technology is the ability to detect and monitor corrosion and In-service defects of Plant piping & Equipment operating at elevated temperatures up to 7000 F (350°C). The primary applications of High Temperature PAUT (HT), ToFD  (HT)  and Corrosion Mapping are in-service Piping, Vessels and Tanks. High temperature PAUT (HT), ToFD  (HT) and ultrasonic inspection…

TCR Arabia sponsors the April 2016 NACE Dinner Meet

TCR Arabia was invited by the NACE - Saudi Arabian Chapter to participate in their Annual General Meeting on 16th June, 2016 in Sofitel Hotel, Al-Khobar.
TCR Arabia team interacted with the NACE members and briefed on the Corrosion & Metallurgical related services offered by TCR.
April 2016 NACE Dinner Meet was sponsored by TCR Arabia.