TCR Arabia undertakes High Temperature PAUT, ToFD and Corrosion Mapping Services in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia (, based out of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is the leading solution provider in high temperature weld inspection using Time of flight diffraction ultrasonic Inspection, phased array ultrasonic inspection and corrosion mapping up to 7000 F (350°C).image

High Temperature Phased Array UT (PAUT)
High Temperature ToFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
High Temperature Corrosion Mapping
High Temperature ToFD and PAUT Ultrasonic inspection is a non-destructive testing method to inspect Plant Equipment/piping welds and parent metal while in-service for corrosion and In-service defects. The benefit of this technology is the ability to detect and monitor corrosion and In-service defects of Plant piping & Equipment operating at elevated temperatures up to 7000 F (350°C). The primary applications of High Temperature PAUT (HT), ToFD  (HT)  and Corrosion Mapping are in-service Piping, Vessels and Tanks. High temperature PAUT (HT), ToFD  (HT) and ultrasonic inspection systems can also be used to locate wall thinning, determine corrosion rates and monitor defect growth rates for engineering evaluations. Determining corrosion rates and defect growth rates while equipment is on-stream can assist Engineers and Operational personnel to schedule T&I’s and equipment repairs and replacement, therefore lowering the overall risk to the facility.
TCR Arabia has an Automated High Temperature PAUT, ToFD and Corrosion mapping scanner, which is designed to operate in the demanding inspection environments up to 350°C.

TCR Arabia has custom made probes and wedges that are able to withstand high temperature degradation, and equipped with a cooling jacket around the array or cooling irrigation holes for air and water flow.
TCR Arabia uses the latest ES Beam Tool 7 for phased array inspections and ToFD inspection at elevated temperatures to perform accurate inspection with compensations of temperatures effects on the scan results leading to accurate indication detection and positioning at elevated temperatures.

Benefits of TCR Arabia's High Temperature NDT Inspection Services in KSA:
High-temperature ANDT  inspection offers considerable benefits for defect detection, monitoring defects and corrosion during plant systems operation as mentioned below.
-    Reduced down time of the plant, by improved maintenance planning
-    Reduced shutdown time by improved RBI input
-    Reduced production losses as inspection of an industrial plant can be carried out online
-    Determine corrosion rates and monitor defect growth rates for FFS -engineering evaluations
-    Monitoring of cracking growth and corrosion spots during production
-    Inspection of on-line repaired areas, in accordance with ASME code case
-    Wall thickness mapping of the area, before making hottaps
-    Accurate corrosion monitoring and defcet detection up to 350 deg C, on critical positions
-    Significant reduced risk on weld repairs during the construction phase of heavy wall vessels or “golden” welds
-    Provides immediate feedback.
-    Digitised inspection records for future reference and verification
-    Highest consideration of your health, safety and environment (HSE) rules


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